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Philosophy & Family

Little Boy - Early Childhood Education

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The philosophy of our child care center provides a basis for the types of activities available for the children and the kind of care they will receive. Our core belief is that growth is a sequential and orderly process, and that each child has a personal pace and a unique way of developing physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively. It is the role of the teacher to

build on those things children are able to do in each of the growth areas by creating a rich environment and encouraging children to play.  Classroom environments are designed to reflect the needs of the children at their individual developmental

levels. The work of Piaget and Erikson provides the theoretical framework around which the curriculum is planned.

Family Is Our Foundation

We support the rights and responsibilities of parents and the development and well-being of families. The family is our foundation and is our starting point for developing services and program content. Together, with the family, the child is our focus. We believe that through partnership with the family can the goals for our children be realized. A strong, trusting relationship between the family and our program is the foundation for achieving common goals in the best interest of our children. Together, staff and parents create the best program for our children and families.

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