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Children at Cincinnati Early Learning Centers are not reciting the alphabet or repeating their numbers from one to 10 because research has proven that "talking without doing" is largely meaningless for children. From our centers in Cincinnati, Ohio, we offer infant, toddler and preschool programs based on the developmental level of each child, providing activities and social situations to better equip them for real life.

The Learning Environment

Children are encouraged to use language to verbalize their feelings, and they are guided by their teachers' examples. Teachers ask open-ended questions to encourage divergent thinking and positive creative expression while fostering individuality and respecting various levels of development.

What Is Quality?

Quality is a word that is highly overused in the description of child care programs. Yet there are key indicators from research that suggest that philosophical foundation, family partnerships, staff qualifications, and staff-to-child ratio are strong contributors to determining program quality. Cincinnati Early Learning Centers Inc.'s philosophy provides a basis for the types of activities available for the children and the kind of care they receive in our centers. It is crucial to note that each decision that is made by CELC, be it educational, programming, financial, or other, is driven by this program philosophy.