Outside Services

Reaching Beyond Our CELC Walls

With a desire to better serve our children, families and the community, in 2016 CELC embarked on an effort through the launch of our Outside Services Division to take our programs and expertise beyond the borders of our buildings and into the broader community. Through Outside Services, CELC works to break down barriers to traditional services by providing outreach to the community through comprehensive supports to families and coaching and management assistance to early childhood education centers working to improve their quality rating.

Family Outreach Program

Our family outreach project is currently based in our Price Hill locations. It expands our work with young children to include assisting their entire family in meeting their goals and dreams as it relates to housing, education, employment and supporting their children as their first teachers. This work is driven through our two early childhood resource coordinators and our family outreach director. We focus on the families enrolled in our CELC sites, families with relationships with Oyler and Roberts School, and any family with children, ages 0-5, living in the Price Hill area.

The program includes three core components:

  • Parent/Community Engagement – On-going events are planned to engage parents to help deepen relationships and strengthening community connections. These are often coordinated with other service providers and serve as the entry point to develop relationships with parents of young children.
  • Resource Coordination – Early Childhood Resource Coordinators connect families living Lower Price Hill and Price Hill to resources to help stabilize and support them. In Fall 2018 through a partnership with Freestore Foodbank and CPS’s Roberts Academy, CELC opened the Price Hill Center/Roberts School Pantry to help serve families. Our two ECRCs work closely with the resource coordinators serving school-age children at CPS’s Roberts Academy and Oyler School to coordinate their efforts so that CELC ensures the needs of families with children, ages 0-5 are met prior to entering kindergarten. Community Learning Center Institute (CLCI) serves as lead agency in both schools. Our ECRC work closely with staff to coordinate efforts.
  • Learning Together – Our “mobile classroom” travels to underserved neighborhoods to connect with parents whose children are not in an early childhood education program. Our goal is to bring together parents/caregivers/children to learn about ways to foster their child’s early learning and development through everyday activities at home and in their neighborhood. The mobile classroom travels to scheduled locations and includes our Learning Together Lead Teacher who engages children and parents in age-appropriate learning activities and our early childhood resource coordinator who helps families access stabilization resources for food, health, housing and employment.

For more information, please contact April Mueller, Director of Family Outreach at amueller@celcinc.org.


These services include coaching and mentoring based on the needs of the program. The first step is to administer an assessment to develop a framework for the ongoing project.  It may include any of the following: curriculum development and implementation; classroom management; environment design; business systems and budgeting; and licensing/Step Up To Quality (SUTQ) compliance.

The Outside Services team offers the following three types of coaching in the early childhood community:

  • Through Cincinnati’s Preschool Promise, our staff provide on-site assistance in achieving necessary quality ratings through Ohio’s SUTQ.
  • Through our work with other childcare and district preschools, our staff provide on-site assistance based upon the needs of the individual school.
  • Through the Consortium for Resilient Young Children’s Resilient Children and Families Program, our staff provide on-site coaching with administrators and classroom teachers in support of children’s healthy emotional and social development.

Management Assistance

Many local early childhood organizations are single site programs that can benefit from the expertise of CELC staff in support of program development, systems building, fiscal management and personnel development, etc. This comprehensive service is provided through weekly on-site supervision (15-20 hours per week) and coaching.

This work is based upon a needs assessment conducted early on in the relationship building period. CELC advises on how to implement programmatic and operational improvements. CELC also considers the needs and concerns of the program as our staff participates in both community- and state-level advisory committees. CELC considers it our responsibility to keep the program aware of and responsive to trends and changes in the field.

For more information, contact DeAnna Lane, Vice President of Outside Services at dlane@celcinc.org.